0.1-5L semi-automatic round can production line

Semi-automatic round can production line

The can making production line is suitable for the semi-automatic production of 0.1-5L round can, which is composed of three metal plates: can body, can cover and can bottom. The can body is round.Technical flow:cutting the tin sheet to blank-rounding-welding-manual coating-flanging-bottom seaming-top seaming-ear lug welding-packaging


1.Panasonic PLC and Mitsubishi frequency conversion speed governor control system,
2.Welding frequency is adjustable with constant current and attenuation function at front & back end
3.Sensor can precise control the welding current location at front & back end,change copper wire speed.
4.Change the gauge tooling can welding different size of cans.
5.Comprehensive monitoring the equipment running,with failure self-detected alarms and provide solution system.
6.Apply to the welding of various flashlight,small aerosal cans.
7.Can body internal and external pre-painting machine and can body drier are optional to be added in production line.
8.According to customer’s demands to accelerate speed.

Equipment composition of round cans automatic production line

1、slitter machine

Metal slitter machine

Maximum thickness of cutting iron sheet 0.18-0.5mm Maximum width of cutting iron sheet 1000-1250mm
Minimum width of cutting sheet 40mm Motor power 1.65KW
Device weight 1200-1500KG Dimension(L*W*H) 1720X1000X1100mm

Automatic round-forming machine

Production capability 30-120Cans/min Applicable can height 70-320mm  70-280mm
Applicable can diameter Φ50-Φ180mm Applicable material Tinplate,steel-based,Chrome plate
Applicable material thickness 0.15-0.35mm Compressed air consumption 600L/min
Compressed air pressure 0.5Mpa-0.7Mpa Power 380V  50Hz  1KW
Machine dimension 700*1100*1200mm   650*1100*1200mm 

Semi-automatic can body welding machine

Welding speed 6-18m/min Production capability 20-80Cans/min
Applicable can height 70-320mm&70-420mm Applicable can diameter Φ52-Φ180mm&Φ65-Φ290mm
Applicable material thickness 0.18~0.42mm Applicable material Tinplate,steel-based
Semi point distance 0.5-0.8mm Applicable copper wire diameter

Φ1.38mm ,Φ1.5mm

Cooling water

Temperature:12-18℃   Pressure:0.4-0.5Mpa    Discharge:7L/min

Total power 18KVA Dimension


Weight 1200Kg Powder 380V±5%  50Hz
4、pneumatic flanging machine

Pneumatic flanging machine

Can height range 50-300mm Can diameter range 40-180mm
Production capacity 25-30cpm thickness ≤0.3mm
Air cylinder 100*70mm Pneumatic system pressure 4-6kg f/㎝²
Weight 280kg Dimension(L*W*H) 500*500*1700mm
5、pneumatic round can seamer

Pneumatic round can seamer

Can height range 50-300mm Can diameter range 50-180mm
Production capacity 20-30cpm thickness ≤0.4mm
Motor power 1.5KW Pneumatic system pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa
Weight 450KG Rotating speed 1400rpm
Dimension(L*W*H) 720*520*1760mm

The layout of the production line


Tin can making artcraft


0.1-5L samll round can flowing chart