200-401 Tin Can Welding Machine 170ml-2.5L tin can production line

200-401 Tin Can Welding Machine 170ml-2.5L tin can production line

Short Description:

This FH18-52ZD is nice for (6 to 30oz.or 170ml-2.5L)food tin cans making industry of Beverages/Sardines/Juices/Butter/Fruits/Vegetables/Sea food tin can making industry,the diameter range is φ52-99mm(200-401 cans).

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Short details about this Tin Can Welding Machine

The machine’s copper wire cutting knife is made of alloy material that has a very long service life.

It is simple and clear for the touch screen operation interface.Our machine is equipped with various protection measures. when there is a fault,machines will be automatically showed on the touch screen and prompted to deal with it. Programmable logic controller (PLC) input and output points can be read directly on the touch screen while checking machine movement,.

The stroke of the welder table is 300mm, and the back of the welder is equipped with a table, which can be loaded by a forklift, reducing the time for adding iron. The round cutting adopts the suction type, the cutting size of the iron sheet is low, there is no need to adjust the material frame of the round cutting machine to change the pot type.

The feeding tank is made of stainless steel integrated tank. Quick change of tank type. Each diameter is provided with a corresponding tank delivery channel. You only need to remove two screws, remove the tank slot of the tank delivery station, and then install another tank slot, so that a change of tank type only takes 5 minutes.

LED lights are set on the front of the machine and above the roll to observe the running state of the machine

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Technical Parameters

Model FH18-52ZD-200 FH18-52ZD-260 FH18-52ZD-320
Liner rate of welding 6-26m/min 10-26m/min 10-36m/min
Production Capacity 100-200cans/min 30-120cans/min 30-100cans/min
Can Diameter Range 52-99mm
Can Height Range 55-200mm 70-280mm 70-320mm
Material Tinplate/steel-based/chrome plate
Tinplate Thickness Range 0.16-0.3mm
Applicable material Thickness 1.38mm 1.5mm
Cooling Water Temperature :<=20℃ Pressure:0.4-0.5MpaDischarge:10L/min
Power Supply 380V±5% 50Hz
Total Power 63KVA 40KVA 40KVA
Machine Measurements 1750*1100*1800

With more than 17 years’ experience on can making technology ,we are able to give customers engineering advises and help customers to find qualified products and good solutions for their projects.


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