211-700 canbody welder 247ml-8L Tin Can Seam Welding Equipment

211-700 canbody welder 247ml-8L Tin Can Seam Welding Equipment

Short Description:

This FH18-65ZDS is applied for (8 to 270 oz.or 247ml-8L)tin cans making industry, food or chemical tin can making industry,the diameter range is φ65-180mm(211-700cans).

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small round can making machinery

small round can making machinery

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Full Automatic Can Body Seam Welder Panasonic's programmable control and servo drive system.

Rounder with automatic lubrication, double sheet identificating and operating system integration.

Precision control front & back current and copper wire spacing. Water-cooled welding transformer, can stable running for a long-time. Can Transfer system and gauge tooling use ceramics roller or bearing. Independent electrical cabinet structure, fully compliant with the EMC specification.

Highly-automatized, worker only input can size and speed. Equipped with remote maintenance to provide more efficient service.

211-700canbody welder 8 to 270oz.or 247ml-8L)tin cans making machine

Technical Parameters

Model FH18-65ZDs
Production Capacity 40-100cans/min
Can Diameter Range 65-180mm
Can Height Range 60-320mm
Material Tinplate/steel-based/chrome plate
Tinplate Thickness Range 0.2-0.35mm
Applicable material Thickness 1.38mm 1.5mm
Cooling Water Temperature :<=20℃ Pressure:0.4-0.5MpaDischarge:10L/min
Power Supply 380V±5% 50Hz
Total Power 40KVA
Machine Measurements 1750*1100*1800
Weight 1900kg

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