Q: Why choose us?

A: Cause we have leading edge technology for giving the best machines for a wonderful can.

Q: Does our machines available for Ex works and easy to export?

A: That's a big convenience for buyer to come to our factory to get machines cause our products all don't need commodity inspection certificate and it will be easy for export.

Q: Is there any spare parts for free?

A: Yes! We can supply free quick-wear parts for 1 year, just rest assure to use our machines and themselves are very durable.

Q:How can the price be most reasonable?

A: We handle the price to a reasonable level and it can be adjust according to customer's needs. Then, the price will eventually based on request.

Q:What if I want to see the production process?

A: That's not a problem, we have many video from our customer's company. If you want to see it right front you, we will contact our customer over the world and let be there to have the visit.

Q: Is it possible send engineer overseas to fix the machines?

A: Of course yes! This will be our after-sales service.