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The layout of the production line

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The can making production line is suitable for the automatic production of 0.1-5L round can, which is composed of three metal plates: can body, can cover and can bottom. The can body is round.

Technical flow:cutting the tin sheet to blank-rounding-welding-outer coating-flanging-bottom lid feeding-seaming-turning over-top lid feeding-seaming-+ear lug welding-leak testing-packaging

Working process of automatic round tin can production line

In the working process of the automatic round tank production line.

The cut tank materials are first put into the feeding table of the automatic resistance welder, sucked out by the vacuum sucker, and the tin blanks are sent to the feeding roller one by one.

Through the feeding roller, the single tin blank is sent to the fillet roller for fillet processing, and then sent to the fillet forming mechanism for rounding.The body is sent to the resistance welder and welded after precise positioning.

tin can welding machine

After the welding is completed, the tank is automatically sent to the rotating magnetic conveyor of the coater for external coating, internal coating or internal powder coating, which can be carried out according to the various needs of customers.Mainly used to prevent the side weld line from being exposed to air rust. The tank is fed into the combination machine, the tank is in an upright state, through the upright conveyor.And by the fixture to the flanging station. The flanging task is accomplished by the collision of the upper and lower flanging molds.

After that, the tank with flange is sent to the automatic lower cover feeder, and the incoming tank is detected by the detection sensor. The lower cover feeder will automatically send the lower cover to the top of the tank, and send the tank and the bottom of the tank to the position below the sealing block. The lifting plate will send the tank and the bottom of the tank to the sealing machine head to seal.With one end stitched.It is sent to the tank body turning machine to turn over the tank body, and then to carry out automatic cap detection and welding.

Then, it is sent to the automatic double-point ear-ear welder, which completes the precise welding task of the small round tank through automatic side weld indexing, CAM conveyor conveying, mechanical paint breaking, and equipped with automatic ear-ear vibration plate.

Finally, the finished product tank is sent to the automatic leak detection station by the conveyor.

After accurate air source detection, unqualified products are detected and pushed to the fixed area. Qualified products will come to the packaging workbench for final packaging.

Equipment composition of round cans automatic production line

Duplex slitter

First cut(min width) 150mm Second cut(min width) 60mm
Speed (pcs/min) 32 Thickness of sheet 0.12-0.5mm
Power 22kw Voltage 220v/380v/440v
Weight 21000kg Dimension(L*W*H) 2520X1840X3980mm

In a typical canbody production line, the slitter is the first stage in the manufacturing process. It cuts printed and lacquered metal sheets into body blanks of the required size. The addition of a blank stack transfer unit further increases the slitter’s efficiency. Our slitters are custom-made. They are extremely robust, facilitate simple, swift adjustment to different blank formats and ensure exceptionally high precision.When it comes to versatility, precision, reliability and production speed, our slitters are so suitable for tin canbody producing.

The duplex slitter or tinplate sheet slitter is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a 3-piece can production is the first station of the can making line. It is used to cut the tinplate sheet or stainless steel sheet as can body blanks of required size or strips for can ends. High quality duplex slitter is the fisrt progress in an optimal solution for metal packaging factory.Versatile, Precise and Robust are the basic requirements for a duplex slitter.

The slitter consists of feeder, shear, electrical control box, vacuum pump, loader and sharpener. The multifunctional slitter is versatility which it can feed automatically, vertical, horizontal cutting automatically, duplex detection and electromagnetism counting.

Automatic can body welding machine

Frequency range 120-320HZ Welding speed 6-36m/min
Production capability 30-200Cans/min Applicable can diameter Φ52-Φ99mm&Φ65-Φ180mm
Applicable can height 55-320mm Applicable material Tinplate,steel-based,Chrome plate
Applicable material thickness 0.16~0.35mm Applicable copper wire diameter Φ1.38mm ,Φ1.5mm
Cooling water

Temperature ≤20℃   Pressure0.4-0.5Mpa    Flow10L/min

Total power 40KVA Dimension 1750*1500*1800mm
Weight 1800Kg Powder 380V±5%  50Hz

The canbody welder is at the heart of any three-piece can production line. It forms the body blanks into their basic shape and welds the seam overlap. Our Superwima welding principle requires only a minimal overlap of a few tenths of a millimeter. Optimum control of the welding current combined with precision-matched pressure on the overlap. Since the launch of the new generation of welders, customers all over the world have confirmed today their considerable satisfaction on an outstanding and a high machine reliability combined with an economical and an efficient production. New industrial standards have been set in the manufacture of canbodies worldwide.

Powder system

Powder coating machine is an important part of the three-piece can production line, which is highly praised by customers at home and abroad in the market and is an excellent can making equipment.


Chengdu Changtai is committed to providing customers with the best quality can making equipment and developing the best solution.

Model CTPC-2 Voltage&Frequency 380V 3L+1N+PE
Production speed 5-60m/min Powder consumption 8-10mm&10-20mm
Air consumption 0.6Mpa Can body range D50-200mm   D80-400mm
Air requirement 100-200L/min Power consumption 2.8KW
Machine dimension 1080*720*1820mm Gross weight 300kg

Powder coating system is one of the powder coating products launched by Changtai Company. This machine is dedicated to the spray coating technology of tank welds of can manufacturers. Our company adopts advanced powder coating technology, which makes the machine novel structure, high system reliability, easy operation, wide applicability and high performance-price ratio. And the use of reliable control components, and touch control terminal and other components, making the system more stable and reliable. The powder coating machine uses static electricity to spray plastic powder on the weld of the tank body, and the solid powder is melted and dried by heating in the oven to form a layer of plastic protective film (polyester or epoxy resin) on the weld. Because the powder can completely and evenly cover the burrs and high and low surfaces on the weld according to the specific shape of the weld by the principle of electrostatic adsorption during spraying, it can well protect the weld from the corrosion of the contents; At the same time, because the plastic powder has high corrosion resistance to various chemical solvents and sulfur, acid and high protein in food, the powder spraying is suitable for a variety of different contents; And because the excess powder after powder spraying adopts the principle of recycling and reuse, the powder utilization rate is high, and it is the most ideal choice for weld protection at present.

Coating machine

Can height range 50-600mm Can diameter range 52-400mm
Roller speed 5-30m/min Coating type Roller coating
Lacquer width 8-15mm    10-20mm Main supply&Current load 220V     0.5 KW
Air consumption  0.6Mpa 20L/min Machine dimension& Net weight 2100*720*1520MM300kg

Effective protection of the weld seam is crucial to the quality of a three-piece can. That’s why we offer a broad range of seam protection technologies and systems. After welding, the next step in the manufacture of a quality can is the application of a durable protective layer to the inner and outer seams. We supply fully automated powder-coating or wet-lacquering systems for inner and outer seams. Our seam protection systems can be customized to all system configurations, production speeds and canbody sizes. They guarantee easy, clean operation and low powder or lacquer consumption.

High frequency electromagnetic dryer

Conveyor speed 5-30m/min Can diameter range 52-180mm
 Conveyor type  Flat chain drive Cooling diduct. coil Not require water/air
Effictive heating 800mm*6(30cpm) Main supply&Current load 380V+N>10KVA
Heating type Induction Sensing distance 5-20MM
Higher Heating 1KW*6(temperature set) Induction point 40MM
Frequency setting 80KHz+-10 KHz Induction time 25Sec(410mmH,40CPM)
Electro.Radiation protective Covered with safety guards Rise time(MAX) Distance 5mm  6sec&280℃


Weight 850KG
combination machine

Automatic can body combination machine

Production capacity 60cpm Range of can Dia 52-180mm
Range of can height 80-320mm  thickness ≤0.35
Total power 13.1kw Pneumatic system pressure: 0.5Mpa
Body uprighting conveyor size 2250*230*920mm The front section conveyor size 2740*260*880mm
Seaming machine size 2200*1120*2120mm Weight 5.5T

Our multi-function systems perform multiple operations in one combination machine at low, medium and high speeds. Forming and assembling of canbodies in linear or carrousel body shapers for all production speeds, and special applications. All systems feature high-level modularity and process capability and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including parting, shaping, necking, flanging, beading and seaming. With fast, simple retooling, they combine extremely high productivity with top product quality, while offering high safety levels and effective protection for operators.

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0.1-5L small round can flowing chart

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