1L-10L tin can making machine metal food cans semi-automatic can welding machine

1L-10L tin can making machine metal food cans semi-automatic can welding machine

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Our Can Body Welding Machines are suitable for welding various materials such as tin plate, iron plate, chrome plate, galvanized plate and stainless steel. Our rolling machine is designed with three processes to complete the rolling, so that when the hardness and thickness of the material are different, the phenomenon of different sizes of the rolling is avoided.

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    About us-tin can manufactory Co.

    China leading provider of Tin Can Making Machine and Aerosol Can Making Machine, Changtai Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a experienced Can Making Machine factory.

    Chengdu Changtai Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.(Chengdu Changtai Can Manufacture Equipment Co,.Ltd) had made a big step forward by supplying good quality machinery as well as good quality materials with reasonable price for metal packaging industry all around the world . We has become one of the professional supplier of Chinese metal packaging industry leading brand.

    Our company can provide all the solutions for Tin can making, Steel Drum making project for more than 17 years . The machines can be used for food packaging industry,Chemical packaging industry , Medical packaging industry etc.

    Tinplate Can Machines Including Automatic litter,Automatic welder,Automatic body flanging machine,Automatic seamer machines.Automatic press line for top and bottom making ,Automatic progressive dies. And some other raw material like tinplate. components, sealing compound in metal can packaging.

    Technical Parameters

    Model FH18-38
    Welding Speed 6-18m/min
    Production Capacity 20-80cans/min
    Can diameter Range 38-45mm
    Can Height Range 70-320mm
    Material Tinplate/steel-based/chrome plate
    Tinplate Thickness Range 0.18-0.35mm
    Z-bar Oerlap Range 0.4mm 0.6mm
    Nugget Distance 0.5-0.8mm
    Seam Point Distance 1.38mm
    Cooling Water Temperature 12-18℃ Pressure:0.4-0.5MpaDischarge:7L/min
    Power Supply 380V±5% 50Hz
    Total Power 18KVA
    Machine Measurements 1200*1100*1800
    Weight 1200kg

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