Customization (1)

Understand Customer Needs

Communicate with customers one-to-one to understand customer needs: Cans Pictures, Shapes of Cans (square cans, round cans, heterosexual cans), Diameter, Height, Production Efficiency, Can Materials and other related parameters.

Confirm the Details and Make Drawings

After fully understanding customer needs, our engineers will consider every detail and make drawings. If customers have special requirements, the drawings can be adjusted. In order to make customer packaging solution realistic and feasible, we will help you to fine-tune the drawings according to your actual situation during the whole process.

Customization (2)
Customization (3)

Tailor-Made&Put Into Production

After confirming the drawings, we begin to customize the machine for the customer. From the selection of raw materials to the assembly of machine, we will go through strict quality control throughout the production process to ensure the accuracy of the machine.

Debugging the Machine&Quality Inspection

After the production is completed, we will conduct a strict factory test on the can-making machine, and conduct random inspection of the sample cans produced by the machine. If each machine runs smoothly and meets the customer's requirements for product yield, we will arrange packaging and delivery.

custom can making machine