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Conical pail making machine or drum making machine is applicable for tin pails, tapered pails, and metal steel paint pails etc. The pail body forming machine can be designed as semi automatic or fully automatic. The body shaping machine is used to produce pails, also named as pail expander, pail flanger, pail beader, and pail seamer. The pail expanding machine, pail flanging machine, pail beading machine and pail seaming machine are commonly assembled as linear such as conical pail making line.

Welding speed:6-24meter/min

Production Speed:15-60 Cans/min

Dia: 220-300mm

Can height:250-550mm

Changtai Can Manufacture provides Can Making Equips for can production and metal packaging.Automatic turnkey tin can production line.We have provided service for many tin can manufacturers, who are in need of this can making equipments to produce their industrial packaging cans, food packaging cans.

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to produce cans, pails, drums and irregularly shaped metal containers.

Including parting, shaping, necking, flanging, beading and seaming,Our can making systems feature high-level modularity and process capability and are suitable for a wide range of applications, With fast, simple retooling, they combine extremely high productivity with top product quality, while offering high safety levels and effective protection for operators.

Post time: Feb-23-2024